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Welcome to the Peace Corps Colombia.

Over 4,600 Volunteers have served in Colombia between 1961 and 1981. In 1979, Peace Corps began phasing out of Colombia and discontinued operations in 1981. In 2009, following the invitation from the Government of Colombia, Peace Corps conducted an assessment of programming possibilities, compelling educational needs, security conditions, local initiatives, and a potential time frame for implementation. In May 2010, an agreement to re-establish a Peace Corps program in Colombia was signed by Peace Corps Director Aaron S. Williams and Colombian Minister of Foreign Affairs Jaime Bermúdez.


The focus of Peace Corps of Volunteers is the Northern Caribbean region of Colombia, an area marked paradoxically by vibrant commercial and tourist activity as well as extensive poverty. Bilingual capability is seen as a key skill to improve the competitive employable skills of the predominately Afro-Colombian and indigenous populations in this region. 

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  • Capital City – Santafe de Bogota
  • Official Language(s) – Spanish
  • Area (KM2) – 2.070.408 km2
  • Population – 42.888.592 million
  • GDP – US$ 9,889
  • Currency – Colombian Peso

The setting has changed, as well as the color of my hair, but the spirit of the project is still as wonderful. Phil Giesen Volunteer who returned to Colombia after 40 years of his first service